This website carries two passions for me. My Corgis, and my writing. Originally this was created through the inspiration I had following the death of my older brother, Lassen Lee Loop. Though he never gave a word of encouragement, it was through his actions in life that made me reflect on mine when he passed away.

Never-Ending-Loop is built to increase my writing portfolio, and share my fur babies to those wanting to adopt their own. Though the title of this blog was designed to represent many things on a personal and creative level, the name’s main inspiration is my family name, and a theme of my current work.


Six months after starting this webpage my father took his life, following my brother’s own suicide. Since then I have included memoirs or a journal entry to follow my progression on handling this life shattering change to my family. It’s my hope that they will act as a therapy for me, and maybe give insight to those feeling the same, or know someone who is.

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