Hey Brother – Avicii

I started this blog a month after my brother passed away, September 10th 2014. He was only 34 years old and accomplished more in his life than I could even ever hope for. In his short time he severed in the Navy, working his was from enlisted to officer. He became a pilot, having him fly 2 presidents and the navy seals, as well as deploy a new missile system for the helicopters with just one other person. As an electrical engineer, he developed a camera system for Dodge and made a second income people wish they could have.

Needless to say, he has become an inspiration. Through hearing about his accomplishments from those that worked with him, I learned I had to work hard, even if it’s on my own at first, to get what I want out life. I wrote the following letter last month in memory of him on my Facebook account, and now I write this 2 months later here. I can only wish to make my life as fulfilling, and by doing so express the love I will always have for him.

To My Brother,

A month has passed since we received the terrible and heartbreaking news of the events that took place for you on September 10th. A day still doesn’t go by when I don’t think of you, and I know that will be forever. There’s so much I wish I could tell you, in the never ending loop of hoping that things could have been different.

The love we have as a family is so strong, and the light you once shown on all of us has made the world so dim. I have always enjoyed music and feel it can relate to life. I remember sharing Avicii with you and Bryce, tagging you in the song “Hey Brother.” It brought me to tears when I first heard it months ago, and today it brings even more tears as the video itself hits on such a personal level.

We always wanted to be with you so much, the time we spent was far and few in-between, but every moment with you was always fought for your attention. There never was enough Lassen to go around, no one could ever have enough time with you; that has been the biggest complaint since you became an adult and joined the Navy. You charisma made you a huge magnet in the family. And when the distance was too great to reach you, we filled the void by bragging about all that you were.

In life I know there are many regrets, and many things that happen unfairly. I have heard before that it’s the good that die young, and I feel that more now then ever before. You were everything any of us could ever deserve. Your life was suppose to be filled with so much, because you gave and did so much. It feels unjust knowing you deserved a better and happier life, and unable to obtain it.

I love you, always.

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